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Issue #004

“Influencers are the modern athletes.”

“Fans are the new Free Agents.”

“Insurgent Sports Innovate.”

“Thrive To Survive”

Fans are the new free agents

ON_Sport dives into the last stronghold of the rapidly changing world of professional sports — the fan experience. Unlike other media verticals, the fan experience has been largely insulated against disruption; live sports have been one of the last bastions of linear broadcast media, a vast and mature market where regional relationships drive market activity and predictable consumer behaviors.

This stability is facing a triple threat of unstoppable disruption: the unbundling of ESPN, the rise of online gambling/fantasy, and the memification of highlights. These forces are resetting fan expectations for how they consume the game, what matters most to their experience, and where business opportunities lie in an uncertain future. 

The intergenerational transfer of fanatical devotion of a local team is going to fundamentally change in a new media and digital landscape, but the love of the game will remain. How will that love be witnessed, monetized, and mediated in an uncertain future?

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issue #003




Exploring the relationship
between fashion and
technology and the evolving

landscape that is the
secondary market.

The fashion industry has a strange relationship with technology.

Why does the Fashion Industry treat tech like a seasonal trend?

The secondary market is creeping up on the luxury market.

How might AI-driven entertainment redefine our relationship with anticipatory content?

AI Forecasting in Fashion has a Big Sustainability Problem.

AI forecasting is a noisy guess masquerading as an objective analysis — and manufacturers know it.


ISSUE #002


Issue #002 examined how creativity, ownership, and distribution are
being impacted by the growth and mass adoption of AI and its impact
on the business of entertainment.


Our August 9 event set the stage for a lively, engaging debate over a private dinner and drinks in the Hamptons with ON_Members and specially invited guests in the entertainment, media, and tech industries.

We Are Algorithim-ing Ourselves Into a Monoculture

Content has become mundane and unexceptional as a result of personalized recommendations.

The Copyright Fight for Digital Creativity

The US copyright regime has become an obstacle to this new era of innovation–and not because of what the law actually says.

Would you let Netflix read your mind?

How might AI-driven entertainment redefine our relationship with anticipatory content?

How Artists Turn AI Into Gold

AI has the potential to be an industry-disrupting tool for streamlining creative processes and getting projects out the door faster than ever previously possible.