ISSUE #006

Join us as we lead our members through six weeks of live events, podcasts, written perspectives, and expert interviews dedicated to defining the risks, opportunities, and requirements of the next internet.

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What’s the Point of Advertising?

Thursday, April 25, 12 – 1pm ET

Our speakers Orchid Bertelsen (COO, Common Thread Collective), Kirk McDonald (Former CEO, GroupM), and Jeff Ragovin (CEO, Semasio) are industry leaders who will explore the evolving world of advertising and its implications for hyper-personalized experiences and AI service agents.

Will AI turn into emotional companions?

AI Boyfriends Are Definitely Happening Companionship is going to be a huge service model in 2025

Orchid Bertelsen


AI is going to be big, but is it big enough to clean up the problems of today’s internet? We found someone that doesn’t think so.

AI Isn’t Coming to Save You Tomorrow’s software isn’t the savior to the yesterday’s internet

Anthony DeRosa


Wednesday, April 17, 7:30pm – 10:00pm CT
Frankies Spuntino, Nashville

On April 17 and as part of our Living Issue ‘Internet 2025’, ON_Discourse brought together members, leading entrepreneurs, founders, senior business leaders and investors in Nashville for a private dinner to explore the challenges and opportunities we face as we enter the next era of the Internet.

New Hardware is going to turn competitors into collaborators. Innovation is happening too fast for the platforms. You will see more connected experiences in the next web.

The Next Internet Will be Built on a Shared Technology Stack Hardware will drive a new type of connectivity

Michael Olaye


Wednesday, April 3, 12:00pm – 2:00pm ET

On April 3, and as part of our Living Issue ‘Internet 2025’, we hosted ON_Discourse members and special guest Kyle Chayka, author of Filterworld and staff writer at the New Yorker, to as the question: How can we ensure that algorithms don’t stifle artistic exploration and diverse cultural experiences?

Do not expect the next tech innovation to come out of a garage. The next internet is for the platforms

Saneel Radia

Saneel Radia

CEO/CIO, Proto


Media can thrive in the new web with superformats. This idea came to us from a media executive who is trying to build a new media model for the next internet.

Superformats Will Save Media in the New Internet Throw away the conventions and just deliver the goods.

Overheard at ON_Discourse


The Overton Screen?

2025 is going to redefine the primary conventions about how the we access, interface, consume, and connect on the internet. The process is already starting…

Presence is the Next Frontier in Connectivity The next internet is going to know who is turning the TV on, every time

Overheard at ON_Discourse


From UX to HX UX design needs to be replaced by something way more organic

Craig Elimeliah


The New Internet Will Look Very Familiar It’s not always about reinvention

Overheard at ON_Discourse


Saneel Radia

Toby Daniels

Founder, ON_Discourse, former Chief Innovation Officer, Adweek, Founder and Chair, Social Media Week


Thursday, March 28, 12:00pm – 1:00pm ET

On March 28, and as part of our Living Issue ‘Internet 2025’, we brought together our members and guest speakers for a live taping of the ON_Discourse podcast, featuring Tiffany Xingyu Wang, CMO, OpenWeb for a debate on how we as leaders in business and tech can build a healthy and trusted Internet for the future.

“Flash was so fun and sexy and I miss it.”


What would you kiss, marry, or kill about the internet of the past, present, or future? Read on for some of our members’ best takes at SXSW.