Issue #002


Issue #2 examined how creativity, ownership, and distribution are being impacted by the growth and mass adoption of AI and its impact on the business of entertainment.

Do Creatives Know What Creativity is?

Our August 9 event set the stage for a lively, engaging debate over a private dinner and drinks in the Hamptons with ON_Members and specially invited guests in the entertainment, media, and tech industries.

We are algorithm-ing ourselves into a monoculture

Content has become mundane and unexceptional as a result of personalized recommendations.

The copyright fight for digital creativity

The US copyright regime has become an obstacle to this new era of innovation–and not because of what the law actually says.

Would you let Netflix read your mind?

How might AI-driven entertainment redefine our relationship with anticipatory content?

How artists turn AI into gold

AI has the potential to be an industry-disrupting tool for streamlining creative processes and getting projects out the door faster than ever before.