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In November, 2022, ON_Discourse, an omni-channel media company, run by business leaders, announced at Web Summit, Lisbon.

“We are at a pivotal moment in business and technology. The noise of content and information is overwhelming us and we lack an outlet for constructive and meaningful discourse. ON_Discourse is being launched to solve this problem.” - Toby Daniels, Co-Founder, ON_Discourse.

In 2021, together with a group of business leaders we formed OurNextDAO. As an intentionally small group of curated “expert beginner” business leaders we were excited about the transformative possibilities of emerging technologies such as Web3 and AI and the resulting business opportunities. We saw the beginning of a new age of creativity and technology.

As we came together weekly, something important began to happen. We argued, we fought, and we challenged each other’s ideas. Out of these arguments came new perspectives and a dose of reality. As business leaders and entrepreneurs we were forced to form more realistic perspectives on the future technologies, and in return, these new perspectives helped us be better business leaders.

“As audiences interested in technology’s role in business continue to grow and emerging technologies feed the media hype-cycle, we know that now is the time to provide a signal amongst the noise, challenge conventional thinking and offer real-world ideas and solutions. We are committed to achieving this and much more,” - Reena Patel, Co-Founder of ON_Discourse and Former President, International of PLBY Group, Inc., Reena Patel.

As a media platform and member network for leaders at the intersection of business and technology, ON_Discourse’s objectives include helping people understand the opportunities and risks of the evolving technology landscape while breaking the rhetoric down into meaningful insights. And, of course, exploring the innovation curve of technology and the future possibilities. The founders believe that the

“We are made up of business leaders from varied perspectives, backgrounds, and disciplines. Traditional media is driven by writers, reporters, and journalists who, alone, do not have the same depth of experience in business,” said Dan Gardner, Founder, Code and Theory and Founder of ON_Discourse. “This is combined with the fact that the social media town square has failed to become a productive or constructive space for discourse. We believe discourse is a discipline that, if done correctly, can help us solve some of our biggest challenges and bring people together.”

We expect ON_Discourse to live in many different formats and spaces, like any modern media company would: newsletters, articles, podcasts, and a site. Additionally, ON_Discourse will host members-only gatherings within some of industries’ largest tent-pole events to cut through the noise that has been distracting business leaders.

Our mission is to provide a voice not heard in business and technology by challenging conventional thinking to provoke meaningful thought.

ON_Discourse is a membership based media company and the founders aim to open the membership application process soon. In the meantime, you can learn about ON_Discourse and subscribe to the Daily Discourse newsletter at

Launching in 2023.