Are you doing business,

or are you playing business?

Former NFL quarterback and CEO of One of None, DeShone Kizer, and co-founder and chairman of Code and Theory, Dan Gardner, sit down with professional athletes from the NBA, the NFL, and MLS, as well as sports commentators and one of the world’s most prolific climbers to ask:

Can success in sports translate to success in business?

During each of these intimate and illuminating conversations, the hosts also ask questions like:

“What can business people learn from professional athletes about what it takes to give everything to be world-class?”

and “What can athletes learn from icons in business about how to build and operate a successful company?”

Ep 1: NBA's Spencer Dinwiddie thinks money should flow like a text message

Unveil the raw journey of ambition and adversity as our guest, Spencer Dinwiddie, shares his path from designing shoes to confronting equity and responsibility. Dive into the intricate world of creation, learning, and finding the fine line between dreams and reality. Join us for an episode that redefines success, challenges norms, and asks the tough questions.

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Ep 2: Former MLS soccer star Kyle Martino left TV to pursue his entrepreneurial passion

Kyle Martino navigates a tumultuous transition from a celebrated TV career to entrepreneurship during a global upheaval. Discover the pivotal moments that ignited his passion for soccer, from his first encounter with the mesmerizing sport to the transformative impact of the 1994 World Cup. Experience his unwavering dedication to the game and his visionary approach to using sports tech as a conduit for athletes to realize their potential beyond the field.

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Ep 3: X-Games commentator Selema Masekela on the $5 bet that changed his life

Embark on Selema Masekela’s transformative journey, ignited by a
spiritual wave at 16 that shifted life’s trajectory away from the norm. A $5 bet on a table that spun destiny, opening doors to his influential role in shaping action sports culture and gracing TV screens. Witness the raw authenticity of self-expression in uncharted territories, sparking a vital discourse on diversity within outdoor realms.

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Ep 4: North Face climber Conrad Anker survived an avalanche and learned to live in the moment

Conrad Anker, a seasoned climber, delves into the parallels between facing fear on the rock and in life. From managing objective and subjective hazards to the profound human connections formed during climbing. Anker’s wisdom emphasizes the importance of humility, presence, and learning from both mountains and people; through his stories of triumphs, setbacks, and the pursuit.

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Ep 5: Premier Lacrosse League's Paul Rabil on the Parallels Between Athletics and Creativity

Experience Paul Rabil’s dynamic journey as he evolves from a quest for camaraderie in sports to becoming a lacrosse icon. From his initial struggles to excel in the technical sport to leveraging the power of social media for building a fan base and attracting sponsorships, Rabil’s path to professional lacrosse is marked by innovation and determination. Drawing parallels between his athletic and creative pursuits, he unveils the adaptable nature of skills honed in sports that now fuel his intellectual exploration and podcasting endeavors.

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Ep 6: NFL's Kelvin Beachum Wants To Be The Guy Behind The Scenes Of Business

Explore the hidden dynamics that truly drive industries and innovation, as Kelvin Beachum shares the untold stories of the decision-makers who shape our world. Uncover the art of compounding relationships, the transformational force that transcends social media, and discover how genuine connections propel careers and success.

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Ep 7: NBA's Channing Frye wants to beat Steph Curry at threes and sell wine.

Dive deep into the mindset of Channing Frye, who thrives on challenges, both on and off the court. From the euphoria of redemption on a Friday night game after a Monday defeat to the tireless quest of breaking Steph Curry’s record, we explore what it truly means to be emotionally invested in the game. Listen in as our guest shares candid tales from their NBA journey, including being traded for a fan favorite, becoming an unexpected linchpin of a “people’s team," and the exhilarating feeling of being touchable rockstars. Beyond the court, the conversation shifts gears to business acumen, from understanding team dynamics to valuing diverse perspectives. 

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Ep 8: Aly Wagner says launching a soccer team is harder than raising triplets

Aly Wagner is a former international soccer player, Olympic gold medalist turned broadcaster, and co-owner of Bay FC. Back when the sport struggled with little exposure and marketing, she highlights the players' self-advocacy as a driving force behind its growth. She also draws an intriguing parallel between the intricate process of starting a soccer team and the trials of parenting triplets, reflecting on the complexities and rewards that come with both endeavors. Her perspective offers a unique look at the evolution of women’s soccer and the ongoing efforts to build and sustain professional teams. 

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Ep 9: Track And Field World Champion Kori Carter Has A Superpower

Kori Carter is a World Champion track and field athlete and nine-time All-American. Now she’s running into the world of business. On the latest Playing Business podcast, we talk to Kori about her venture helping girls get into sports, taking on business school, partnering with the GOAT Michael Jordan, and finding out what her real superpower is.

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