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ON_Sport is diving into the last stronghold of the rapidly changing world of professional sports — the fan experience.

Unlike other media verticals, the fan experience has been largely insulated against disruption; live sports has been one of the last bastions of linear broadcast media, a vast and mature market where regional relationships drive market activity and predictable consumer behaviors.

This stability is facing a triple threat of unstoppable disruption: the unbundling of ESPN, the rise of online gambling/fantasy, and the meme-ification of highlights. These forces are resetting fan expectations for how they consume the game, what matters most to their experience, and where the opportunities lie in an uncertain future. 

The intergenerational transfer of fanatical devotion of a local team is going to fundamentally change in a new media and digital landscape, but the love of the game will remain. How will that love be witnessed, monetized, and mediated in an uncertain future?

During October we plan to publish a series of provocation driven pieces from our deep bench of experts in business, tech and sport and very much welcome your participation in this forthcoming Issue.

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