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Ideas Are
Trapped Within
          Conventional Boundaries

We Are Surrounded by Fake-Experts Lacking Depth in Their Thinking

The People
           in Our Industry
Often Sound the Same

Unintended Consequences in
Tech Lead to Costly Mistakes
    in Business

Sneak Peek
Perspectives &     Events

Is AI a Force for Good or Evil?

Against AI
Artificial “Art

Molly Crabapple
Artist and writer in New York City. 

A Shift from Knowledge to Direction Work

Toby Daniels
Toby Daniels
ON_Discourse Co-Founder

What is happening
at ON_Cannes
in 2023?

Every June, Cannes’ beaches fill with 15,000 of the world’s most influential brands and marketing executives.

Sport Beach at Cannes will bring together creatives, brands, marketers, athletes, coaches and leagues to discuss the future of fandom, and celebrate the impact sport has on shaping global culture.

Together with The Stagwell Group, ON_Discourse will bring its unique approach to driving discourse to the Sport Beach experience.

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