Will AI Enhance or Destroy the Business of Media?

Matthew Chmiel
Head of Discourse

The largely agreeable July 28 virtual event sparked more introspection than discourse.

At our inaugural virtual event, we invited three guest experts to discuss the intersection of AI and digital media.

Nearly 30 of our ON_Discourse members joined us that day and were provoked by Dan Gardner and Michael Treff. I spoke to Dan before the event to get a sense of his goals for the discussion. “Everyone in our field expects AI to be a massive disruption, I was hoping to get past the hype and dig into the details.”

From my perspective, the discourse was light, almost too pleasant and agreeable to qualify as a deep discourse, but the good news is that the conversation isn’t over yet. Check out some of our key takeaways and let me know if anything you see here makes you want to push this further.

As always, the pull-quotes are not and will never be attributed.

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