Media Companies

Shouldn’t Reject

Generative AI

They Should

Build Their Own

Matthieu Mingasson
Head of Design Transformation at Code and Theory
Disclosing AI Use
in Reporting: It’s Futile
Michael Nunez
Michael Nunez is the editorial director of VentureBeat, where he leads the coverage of artificial intelligence and enterprise data.

The responses from the media industry to the explosion of generative AI have been sharply divided. We’ve seen fear over potential job loss, dire warnings over the potential for AI-generated misinformation, and some tepid statements about its positive potential for the industry.

Smart publishers will realize that there’s enormous potential. By acting quickly and boldly, these companies can find new ways to drive value and monetize this disruptive technology.

Globally, the AI in the media market is anticipated to hit $99.48 billion by 2030. There’s potential across the newsroom, from improving and scaling workflows to content management and personalization.

It’s easy to view disruptive technologies, like LLMs, with distrust. Many organizations are uncertain about where to begin.

Rather than fear generative AI, media companies should approach it as a springboard for business innovation. Rather than reject generative AIs, media companies should build their own.

By building their own LLMs, media companies can chart their own course in a rapidly changing landscape and help create the future of brand experiences.

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