We are taking the discourse to Nashville. Join us on October 25th for drinks, dinner, and discourse at Frankies in East Nashville. Here’s our preview…

On the other side of the tracks at the edge of East Hill lies the first-ever southern expansion of the renowned Brooklyn Italian restaurant, Frankie’s Spuntino. More like a tree-lined campus than a restaurant, Frankies Nashville houses a variety of craft-spaces and facilities in a warm, authentic, and informal atmosphere.

We are preparing for an active discourse on The Fan Experience. Our members will be joined by a collection of high level sports and media industry experts who will define and defend their perspective on the features that will shape fan engagement for the next decade and longer. We will have representatives from incumbent leagues as well as executives from insurgent leagues who see the unbundling of sports media rights as an opportunity to capture market share. Who has it right? Let’s discourse it and get some perspective.

What does the fan actually want?

How do media rights impact fans?

Is data the new highlight?

Frankies, Nashville
October 25, 2023
7-10pm CT

There has to be something special about Nashville, because the legendary Brooklyn restaurant has never before ventured outside the brownstone-stacked streets of its home turf. Frankies Spuntino is more than an Italian restaurant, it is a cultural institution that set a new standard for authentic, simple, world class Italian food. In his final column, outgoing New York Times food critic Sam Sifton wrote: “The best meal I had on the job? It was in the garden of Frankies on a summer evening.” You can be assured the food will be excellent and the company will be ready to rumble.

The famous southern red oak trees of Nashville will be at their peak fall colors. The drinks will be cold, the lights will be low. The company will be world-class. If you want to attend, let us know. If you can’t make it, stay tuned for our event recap which will capture the moments of perspective that matter.

Interested in becoming a member and attending? Inquire about membership here: memberships@ondiscourse.com.


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