An NBA Player

Spencer Dinwiddie
NBA Athlete and Entrepreneur

The first line of my bio reads “NBA player,” but I always tell people I’m a tech guy with a jumper. My fascination with emerging technology was the prime motivating factor for co-founding Calaxy, a new platform empowering Creators to connect with their fans and monetize their brands easier than ever before.

That fascination with new tech is also why I jumped at the opportunity to invest in Genies and explore the worlds of AI, blockchain, and virtual and augmented realities.

Recently I fell down a rabbit hole thinking about the advent potential of AI-generated avatars and conversational bots and how they might be able to help revolutionize fan interaction.

Before this technological era, a person couldn’t be in two places at once or appear to come back from the dead. But this technology — which seemed so novel and impossible to fathom — is now right at our fingertips.

The application of AI-generated avatars seems obvious, now. It could allow me — or anyone else that has so many demands on their time that they have to say no to things they’d like to be doing — to work in new ways. I could take video footage, photos of myself, words I’ve authored, and other content I’ve generated and use these materials to help train AI models in the hopes that they can extrapolate my personality and then appear and interact on my behalf, sort of like digital clones who works for me.

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