Monopoly or Oligopoly, Seriously? With an idea like that, we will soon be crowning Oligarchs.  

Dan Gardner
Co-Founder & Exec Chair, Code and Theory
Co-Founder, ON_Discourse

Larry Muller
ON_Discourse Co-Founder, COO of Code & Theory

Should Bored Apes
Be in Charge of AI

I do not trust Bored Apes and they are not who should be regulating AI. But making Big Tech bigger by allowing them to be the regulators? That’s like wishing for bigger banks with more control? Ultimately, maybe not in the short term, but in the long term, it ends badly. We already have a too big to fail Big Tech problem, so we don’t have to double down on that.


When we think of big tech, Apple or Microsoft and trust don’t go together. I’m pretty sure anytime either of those (or the others) have an opportunity to monopolize and create unfair advantages through their ecosystem, they do: Maps, Browser, Messaging, App Store etc. Ultimately innovation gets stifled, reducing the incentive to be inventive when your path can be crushed immediately by the players who are the gatekeepers of distribution.

The smartest people from AI and Big Tech including Sam Altman and others have signed petitions and spoken to congress about the need for regulation, but surprisingly those smart people also don’t have any tangible solutions (or they don’t actually want them?). How do we expect them to regulate if they can’t even propose a solution?

Should not

Ultimately, the cat is out of the bag. There will be too many spin offs in too many countries that can’t be regulated working on advancement of AI. The best we can do is to work on next generation cybersecurity, and think of fall back safe switches that will allow a shut down or disconnection of systems should AI fall into a bad actor’s hand (or worse out of any human’s hand). 

Every sector has regulation, so the government should continue to develop innovation friendly regulation. Government, although not perfect, is not driven by profit, but built to serve and protect. Regulation should still sit in their hands, with elected officials who are held accountable to the people.


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