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AI Will Reverse the Innovator's Dilemma Market leaders are the secret winners to AI disruption

Saneel Radia


You Are Wrong, Saneel AI will democratize innovation which means we will see it come from smaller companies and creators

Overheard at ON_Discourse



Overheard at ON_Discourse

Editor’s note: We published Saneel’s post about innovation in early April and recently received a message that directly challenges his thesis. At ON_Discourse, we live for this kind of dialogue. It doesn’t hurt when the post has a substantive Jeff Goldblum reference.

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Saneel, your argument is too broad. On one hand, I agree that the platforms have more resources, data, and capital to create new kinds of experiences in the next internet, but that does not mean all innovation will be coming from them. As Jeff Goldblum said, life finds a way. In this regard, the human need to create, to push, to thwart, to resist, to stand out, to communicate, and to connect will drive new experiences without the extra push that comes from the platforms.

I have seen it in my own field of luxury goods: AI tools are opening new capacities and capabilities to smaller and smaller entities. As a result of this, more and more independent creators are competing with conventional design teams. AI is scaling their inherent taste into studio-quality products.

I don’t know what it will look like; I can’t predict, and I don’t think you can either. All I know is that human creativity is getting amplified by this technology. The innovation might not come from a garage, but I do not expect it to come from the board room either.

Let’s see…