The Future of Media is Personal

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From the editor: Is digital media doomed? The following perspective comes from a guest who was an executive at one of the biggest newsrooms in the world. It builds off another point we overheard about how news should be thought of as a service, not a product. This kind of thinking can transform news consumption into a personalized experience.

I pay for ESPN+. This subscription gets me access to countless streams that have no value to me at all. The only reason I pay is to access my team’s games. Are you telling me this kind of subscription model is a good thing? We are on the brink of a new kind of subscriber relationship that will be powered by AI and proprietary data.

We have to stop thinking about AI as if it is a replacement technology. AI is the ultimate enabler.

The first point is about the data. I have been paying ESPN directly for six years. They have collected data on my team & league affinities, watching preferences, and triggers. This data is not big enough to launch an ESPN LLM, but that does not matter; there are other ways to integrate smaller sets of proprietary data into another platform’s LLM. The bottom line is that ESPN can finally have access to the enabling technology that can ultimately deliver a true personalized experience. I don’t think we know yet how amazing this experience will be. It is going to be worth the money.

We have to stop thinking about AI as if it is a replacement technology. AI is the ultimate enabler. Media brands need to embrace the way this tech can foster novel content experiences. Doing so will revolutionize the relationships audiences have with their media brands. I am typically a pessimist when I think about the future of the internet, but this scenario gets me legitimately inspired.


Is Media Doomed?

The internet is mutating. Search queries are being replaced by prompts, and search results are turning into direct information. The web has always been perceived as an interconnected network of sites, but this new internet feels more like a magic mirror: prompt and you shall receive. Does this transition mean media is doomed?

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The future of media is personal

A lot more content is coming

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