Event Preview:

Toby Daniels
Founder, ON_Discourse

On Wednesday, August 9, ON_Discourse hosts ‘Good Artists Copy, Great AIs Steal,’ a private dinner for Premier Members and specially invited guests in the entertainment, media, and tech industries.

We chose entertainment as our subject because we are at a critical juncture. 

AI’s potential impact in entertainment is just the tip of the spear. It has swept through almost every industry, and this year we have seen these new powerful tools begin to redefine how we think about creativity, ownership and attribution and distribution. Even the economics of the business are being completely reexamined. 

At ON_Discourse, we believe new perspectives can only be found through discourse and disagreement and our mission is to build a new kind of media company, built on this idea and focussed on providing an exceptional level of value to our members through perspective, not just content, and through relationships, not just connections.

In the coming days we will publish a series of articles that build upon the Good Artists Copy, Great AIs Steal theme and explore the topics from a number of different perspectives. We will also announce future member events in the coming weeks.