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Dan Gardner
Co-Founder & Exec Chair, Code and Theory
Co-Founder, ON_Discourse

When was the last time you felt like you had your mind changed?

When you engaged in a discussion with someone you respect and who has the experience to speak knowledgeably about a topic but had a completely different point of view than your own?

Imagine a space where you would find yourself thinking differently about the most important decisions you make.

As the founder and chairman of a creative and technology-driven consulting business with almost 2,000 employees, I think creating space to be challenged and to be able to challenge others' perspectives is essential to business success.

So why a member’s media company?

We believe “discourse” has become a bad word in media. In practice, it’s been used as a form of trolling or to express negativity around someone’s opinion, instead of embracing curiosity about a different opinion and understanding that can help make more informed decisions. A trusted space to publish and engage in conversation with those who value discourse is essential to what business leaders need.

We believe that the world of business and technology today is filled with fake experts, often confusing the narrative and, ultimately, decision-making. At ON_Discourse, we bring together practitioners to share perspectives about the work they do day in and day out. They share an understanding that only comes from being on the frontlines of technology. And these people also possess the humility to admit what they know and don’t know. 

We believe a members-only media company relieves us of the problem of prioritizing the wrong KPIs that often plague modern media companies. We don’t want to be focused on the volume of content, clickbait, or a NASCAR-style approach to ads on a page. This economic model allows us to focus on the value of our mission.

ON_Discourse launch event "A Symphony of Disruption" at Fotografiska in New York City

We will provide content that makes you question and helps inform action. We avoid predictable platitudes, the 100th similar take that’s already been written about the latest hot topic, self-help, or motivational essays. 

Whenever we publish something or host a live discussion, we ask ourselves how the content will provide decision-makers, with busy schedules and mission-critical projects, with information that they can use to go directly into meetings and negotiations feeling informed and a step ahead.

These are

our Values

  • Curiosity to go Deeper: We know that very few things are worthy of your time. We publish high-quality, high-impact work that elevates public discourse and provides our readers with unique insights. Volume is not our focus, value and quality are.
  • Diversity of Perspective: We champion intellectual honesty and the courage to acknowledge our own limitations in the pursuit of knowledge. We help our community challenge conventional thinking.
  • Empathy to Opposing Ideas: It's important that we're not pandering to our members and are open and honest in our approach to the subjects we cover. We should operate without fear or favor in analyzing and criticizing the issues we address. There can often be a "circle the wagons" approach in the technology space that we should avoid being part of. 
  • Disagreement is Encouraged: In order to offer true value, we need to be free of pressure from members or potential partners. We should be respectful and thoughtful in our approach. Challenge ideas, not people specifically. We expect that from our contributors as well.

We will deliver value through exclusive access to our digital content and exciting and engaging in-person events and experiences. We will bring together the best minds from the top levels of business and create opportunities for real discourse.

That’s the mission of ON_Discourse.

We’re excited to begin this journey with you.

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