First, what is

ON_Discourse is a new membership media company focused on the business of technology, raising the level of discourse with expert-driven perspectives.

Why should
                you care?

We are Surrounded
                             by Fake-experts
Lacking Depth
      in their Thinking

                      Ideas are
    Trapped within
Conventional boundaries

The People
                 in our Industry
               Often Think
          the Same

              in Tech Lead to
              Costly Mistakes
        in Business

What to

Member-only Content, Featuring Articles, Newsletters, and Podcasts for those that Crave Substance.

Closed-door Events Including Off-the-record Conversations and Private Dinners Where You Can Ditch the Small Talk.


  • We know that very few things are worthy of your time. We publish high-quality, high-impact work that elevates public discourse and provides our readers with unique insights.
  • We champion truth-seeking, intellectual honesty, and the courage to acknowledge our own limitations in the pursuit of knowledge. We help our community challenge conventional thinking.
Diversity of Perspective
Empathy to Opposing Ideas
Disagreement Encouraged
Curiosity to go Deeper

Once you have completed the membership application, our membership team will review against criteria and values and make a decision in regards to your acceptance.
Your credit card will not be charged until your application is approved.