Boomers vs Juniors:
Easy choice for emerging tech

Larry Muller
ON_Discourse Co-Founder, COO of Code & Theory

It’s a clear answer. Juniors (new workplace entrants) have been using technology their whole lives. It’s second nature to them. Of course, they have a clear advantage. You build a team of young energetic workers, you get great creativity, teamwork, and the natural depth of skill that has been honed since birth. A company filled with these go-getters should certainly have a leg up.

On the flip side, you can piece together a team of rethreads who are hanging on in the workplace. They have never seen this particular technology before and all tech seems to be a struggle for them. They are stuck in old ways of thinking and fall back on their old ways of solving problems. A company filled with these people must be destined to fail.


The potential of generative AI changes all of that. Its best ability is executing tasks. It can write code. It can write copy. It can create imagery. Easier and faster. You don’t actually need technical proficiency to execute almost anything, because the technology simplifies execution to simple semantic commands. The advancement is continuing to compound at a rate where it can execute more and more with proficiency and ease. 

What can AI not do? Use Judgment.

So is AI changing the age-old story where the older you get the less relevant you get? Who will really provide outsize value in a workplace defined by increasing automation and the need for great judgment?

The Boomers

Because of their years of experience and perspective


  • Are thrilled about the opportunity.
  • Understand that they don’t have all the answers.
  • Have adapted to new technology many times in the past.
  • Are eager to mentor others and be good teammates. They know that it’s not about themselves.
  • Understand that the clock is ticking. They’re not trying to conquer the world –  they simply just want to help the team win.
  • Know it’s not about what they get, it’s about what they give.
  • Are a proven hard-working commodity. Sure, they may need a nap, but they will be back refreshed.
  • Have a perspective that drives creativity, humility, and most importantly they have JUDGMENT.

The Juniors

Because of their lack of experience and perspective


  • Think they know.
  • Think it’s about them.
  • Don’t have much of a clue about leadership and the importance of selflessness.
  • Are more worried about what they get, not what they give.
  • Don’t want feedback. They want to be right.
  • Have limited judgment, however, they believe their judgment must be right.

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