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ON_Discourse is a private membership community for exceptional leaders in the business world who are committed to mastering the Discipline of Discourse to unlock new perspectives and deepen relationships.

We are a community of experts who have…

Published best selling books on business, technology, culture, politics etc.

Run digital at the highest level for one of the world’s largest fashion brands.

Lead innovation for the world’s largest SaaS company.

Run the technology group for largest American multinational telecommunications and media conglomerate.

Built and exited one of the world’s biggest eCommerce sites in the mobile consumer technology space.

Launched a billion dollar digital business for Europe’s most important governing bodies in football.

Built the developer eco-systems for two of the most influential technology companies.

Launched a $100M venture fund in the climate-tech industry with over 100 investments and multiple exits to-date.






Fights against conventional thinking 
and decision making inertia.

Exposes business’ isolated beliefs.

fake ideas, fake news and fake experts.

Business culture and the media landscape ultimately drive group think.

At the heart of ON_Discourse is our dedication to the idea that the best decisions in business are made when you bring smart people with different perspectives together.

Saneel Radia

“ON_Discourse has been invaluable, offering a platform for genuine dialogue on innovation and leadership.”

Jason Davis

“ON_Discourse is not just a network; it’s a dynamic forum that’s shaping the future of technology, making it an invaluable asset for any tech leader committed to making an impact.”

von Jan

“It’s a place where the intricacies of navigating tomorrow’s business landscapes are embraced, making it an essential forum for any leader striving to stay at the forefront of technological and strategic advancements.”

Member offerings

In-Person Events

Private and intimate events, including breakfast roundtables and dinners hosted at tentpole events like CES and Cannes and in rotating markets.

Monthly Virtual Events

A monthly event, hosted via the ON_Discourse platform featuring conversations between members and guest experts.

Guided Tours

Navigate major tentpole events like CES and Cannes via curated tours given by the ON_Discourse team.

Living Issues

Access to Living Issues which are a deep-dive into specific business verticals and themes, focused on the most urgent and important topics in business and technology.

Editorial Support

Work with our editorial team and share your ideas and perspectives with high-profile and influential audiences as a contributor or speaker.

Member-only Newsletter

A monthly newsletter providing a digest of the current Living Issue, plus updates on events and exclusive invitations and offers.

Member Groups

Small groups, or “Pods”, of approximately 15 members, organized around topics that are relevant to you and your business.

Member Connections

Facilitated introductions between members of the community.




In the spirit of ON_Discourse, we conduct a meticulous vetting process in the curation of the community. We welcome inquiries from business leaders whose values align with those of ON_Discourse, including:

  • Being willing to provoke with trust and empathy.
  • Actively listening with curiosity and intellectual honesty.
  • Being receptive to other points of view.
  • A commitment to diverse perspectives.

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Access to Living Issues, events and the community is for members-only.

No, we operate a hybrid approach to events, which we host online and in-person.

Our members are made up of a community of business leaders, spanning industries such as entertainment, sport, fashion, music, and tech. ON_Members are a diverse group of experienced decision makers, including C-suite executives, founders, and investors.

We encourage you to refer your network to ON_Discourse. Feel free to refer potential members by sharing membership inquiry link and ask them to mention your name in the “Please include the name of a referring ON_Member” section. If you successfully bring in three new members, we’ll refund you one year of your membership.

We welcome contributions from our community experts. If you have a unique perspective or interesting content you’d like to share, we encourage you to reach out to our editorial team at with your ideas. We would be happy to review your submission and provide feedback. However, please note that while we appreciate your contributions, publication on our platform is not guaranteed. Our editorial team carefully selects content that aligns with our mission.

Yes, we do offer corporate pricing for companies interested in subscribing to ON_Discourse. Please reach out to to discuss your specific needs and we’ll be happy to provide you with more information.

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